Older Then, Younger Now….PUBLISHED!

Well Ladies and Germs, I FINALLY finished my very own LifeTime Book entitled Older Then, Younger Now.

Older Then, Younger Now.After fixing errors that I found in the proof copy, I revised my work and finally published it for the general public.  The issue of cover design was especially perplexing because I am not a graphic artist and although I have learned to use Photoshop pretty well, creating an image size that would fit within the boundaries of the printed cover was a significant challenge for me, who is untrained in digital graphic arts.

On www.LULU.com, you can download a copy of my book or purchase the hard cover printed version. I haven’t created an e-book version, and probably won’t, but LULU.com provides a preview for those who just want to read a few pages.

I don’t consider this my last revision.  There are many more life chapters to go.  But I feel great that I have a start on the story of my life.  Reading it over now, it looks like I’ve skipped over so many personal adventures and details, so I anticipate writing many more chapters for later editions to fill in the past and to document new life events as they occur.

If you would like to create a Lifetime Book of your own, contact me to get started today! It would be a wonderful gift for Mom, Dad or grandparents.

Proof Copy Cringes

I was so excited that I finally FINISHED my Lifetime Book.  I thought for sure that my next blog entry would be an announcement. But wait…..then I ordered the proof copy.

Now don’t get me wrong, it looks really good. All the pages were in the right places and the photos looked fine….maybe some were a bit small…but then there are the typos, undetected grammar errors, and in my case, the cover art was corrupted by the cover wrap.

But this is all a learning experience.  Even though I’ve self-published many times, there is always room for improvement in every project.

coverHere’s how the cover art looks, which shows the correct margins.  The title words, “Then” and “Now” are both cut off.  So I’m going back to Photoshop to move the text left and to change the “L” in Lifetime to an upper case “L.”

Work and learn.

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